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Origin And Health Benefits Of Ear Candles

Ear Candling or ear coning is an alternative therapy used to boost physical and mental well-being. In this, a long, waxy tube made of cloth is inserted in to the ear canal and then burnt. This creates a vacuum that assists in cleansing the ear canal.

Ear candling is an ancient traditional exercise which is believed to have started in Mayan, Aztec, Lemuria and Mythical Atlantis civilizations. However the specific beginning of this process of healing remains not verified, but traces of this practice were seen in China, India, Egypt and Tibet. Traditionally, instruments shaped in the form of cone made from clay were used for this self purification process. Because of the shape of the instrument used, the process was called coning. The shiny pottery cone was carved with a double helix inside it to carry burning herbs down the ear canal. Vacuum caused by the cone instrument results in counter clockwise flow, by which smoke and heat from the herbs cleanse ear canal. It also removes any debris outside the canal by vacuum. In many cultures and traditions, coning was considered a spiritual, holistic method for cleansing the mind as well as senses. They believed that ear coning clears the body and mind from any toxins so that you can concentrate on thoughts and feelings.

Current Time Ear Candling

Due to the excess weight of the candles and health regulations, traditional ear candles were replaced by disposable candles. Hence, ear candle or cone is made from unbleached linen or cotton soaked in paraffin or beeswax and herbs. A spiral roll is built on the inner side of the candle during the manufacturing, which creates the similar effect as of the pottery ones.

In some countries like Germany, ear candling is taught as a subject, remedy. In United States, it is relatively new, but many holistic doctors are shifting over to this self-purification process from irrigation techniques. Ear candling has become a popular non invasive therapy due to its several benefits and plenty of holistic centres and spas are offering this procedure.

Health advantages of Ear Candles

Ear candling has a relaxing effect on the mind and the body and it helps to improve the overall well-being of a person by creating the harmony of body, mind and spirit. Ear candles are not only used for removal of ear wax, but they are known to have many potential health benefits. Some of the health attributes that are associated with use of ear candle are:

1. Ear benefits: By clearing the debris, wax and other harmful particles from the ears, ear candles help in relieving itchy ears (caused by yeast, mold or dairy allergies), Swimmer’s ear and unplugging ears. Reduces ringing in ears and dizziness.

2. It relieves sinus pain and pressure, hence giving relief from headaches.

3. Enhances the senses like smell, taste and perception.

4. It improves lymphatic blood flow.

5. It leads to clarity of thoughts, reduces stress and tension.

Ear Candling is a holistic method of healing that offers many health benefits.

There are many types of Ear Candles but if safety notes are carefully followed then Ear Candling can be a great experience.

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